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School of Statistics and Mathematics

The School of Statistics and Mathematics was formerly the Department of Planning and Statistics founded in 1981. Currently, the School has 3 teaching institutes (i.e. Department of Statistics, Department of Quantitative Economics and Department of Mathematics), 5 research institutes (Research Institute of Applied Statistics and Quantitative Economics, Research Institute of Statistic Survey and Data Mining, Research Center of Modern Statistic Application, Research Center of Behavior and Experimental Economics and Demonstration Center of SPSS Education and Research) and 1 laboratory (Lab of Quantitative Analysis and Dynamic Simulation).

The School has 3 undergraduate conferring programs and 3 master's degree conferring programs, among which the Statistics is a provincial key discipline and a provincial key program as well, and now became as one of our major authorized disciplines of doctor's degree. It has established 2 provincial excellence courses (Statistics and Quantitative Economics), 1 provincial teaching team (Innovation Team of Statistics Teaching), 1 provincial experimental area for innovative talents education mode (Experimental Area for Innovative Statistic Talents Education Mode) and 1 provincial technical innovation team in colleges and universities (YUFE Technical Innovation Team for Quantitative Social and Economic Analysis and Government Information and Policy Evaluation).

The School of Statistics and Mathematics has a high-quality faculty, including 3 doctor advisors, 3 young and middle-aged academic and technical leader reserves in Yunnan, 2 persons awarded with special allowance of the Government of Yunnan, 1 provincial teaching master in universities, 1 young-aged university teacher awarded first prize of Huo Yingdong Foundation, 1 person awarded May 1st Labor Medal of Yunnan province. Professor Shi Lei, leader of the Statistics discipline, is our first principal professor and has been selected as one of the "Chang Jiang Scholar and Distinguished Professor of 2011".

In recent years, the faculty of the School has published more than 100 papers in reputed international statistics journals and major domestic journals and 8 publications in state-level publishing houses, undertaken more than 30 scientific research projects in various areas, including 6 projects by National Science Foundations, 3 projects by National Social Science Foundations, 3 projects by Foundation of the Ministry of Education of China. It has won more than 20 awards for research achievements at provincial and ministry-level (or higher) and 1 first price awarded by Yunnan province for excellence in teaching achievement. Adhering to actual economic issues, the faculty has contributed a lot to research for services provided by local governments, with appreciation and awards from All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the government of Yunnan and Yunnan Bureau of Statistics.

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