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Thai Re Entry Permit

For foreigners who hold any kinds of Visa and get the permission to stay in Thailand from the Immigration officer, Re-Entry Remit will be used. Re- Entry Remit will keep your privilege (the specified- period) to return to Thailand Without asking for the new Visa from Thai Embassy, which located in abroad.

2 Types of Re Entry Permit 

1. Single Re-Entry Permit: available from time to time travels abroad for those who travel to foreign countries do not fly out frequently
2. Multiple Res- entry is a devil can travel in from more one time for you to travel to – often from overseas. If any alien has a visa and then do as Non-Immigrant Visa (Non -B) and then flew off to foreign countries not to Re-Entry before leaving to go abroad. Visa has come mostly through changes to phor.30 or phor.90 through the leaves will not be able to ask permission before work can continue. But for foreigners with a Visa Non- immigrant visa – Multiple Do not Re- Entry visa unless they change as a year ago to Re-Entry visa to the former.

You need to obtain the re-entry permit before you travel at:

Thai Immigration located at Chaengwattana Road, Bangkok
Any other local immigration offices
International airports such as Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi

When applying for a re-entry permit you will need to submit the following:

A completed TM-8 form
The correct fee
Colored photo (4cm x 6cm)
Photocopy of passport (main page and latest entry stamp)

The current fees for re-entry permits are as follows

1,000 Baht for single 
3,800 Baht for multiple

The fees at the airport may be higher than the fees at the local immigration office. Re-entry permits can be applied for in person or by an agent at Thai immigration office. If an agent is used, a letter of attorney is required. The processing time at Thai Immigration offices can vary from 1 hour to half a day, so if you prefer to queue, apply before lunch so you can pick it up later the same day. Please know that the re-entry permit does not prolong your visa or permit to stay. It is just a permit to be able to return to Thailand and use the remaining days of your permit to stay or extension of stay. Remember when arriving back into Thailand, you must note the re-entry permit number on the Immigration.

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