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To provide hearty services with bravery to initiate new things and responsibility in order to become successful, with frankness, good customer relations, morality and ethicality 


To provide services with sincerity, convenience, quickness and effectiveness by a reliable team

Core Values

  1. To be open-minded, to learn continuously and consistently, to correct mistakes and to improve work systems to be more effective and professional;  
  2. To provide hearty services and to understand the true meanings of the services;
  3. To be committed and attentive to works, and to be responsible for others and ourselves;
  4. To work as a team and put the organizational goals before others; and
  5. To be proud and confident with work, to be ethical and moral, to work with transparency and to be respectful to others and ourselves. 

Organizational Culture

  1. To provide hearty services and to be responsible for duties,
  2. To work as a team and in a systematic manner,
  3. To focus on organizational goals,
  4. To be punctual, and
  5. To update work routines with new trends and customers’ needs

Visionary Goals

Ana Education and Services will always be number 1 for customers in the following matters:

  1. To recruit and select quality and professional personnel for organizations and agencies;
  2. To apply for all types of visas,
  3. To provide other services that Ana can cover,
  4. To become successful as the predetermined goals, and
  5. To become accepted by more and more Thai and foreign customers each year. 

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